Reach your inner peaks!

Experiment with a true emotional balance and unleash your potential for realization.

Dozens of hours of video and an accessible teacher, listening to you.


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Become The Wonderful Being That You Are

After more than 30 years of practice and teaching in different countries and in multiple fields, Orwin Avalon now offers a self-study that helps us to gradually overcome our limitations, to undo the knots that hinder our walk forward and become the wonderful being that we are in reality. By accomplishing and developing our potential, we have the opportunity to access, today more than ever, reaching our inner peaks.

Meditation Merkaba Matrimandir

The Merkaba Matrimandir Meditation Training (MMM) provides access to tools to practice the activity of pranotherapist (healer) and also allows you to become a teacher of MMM techniques once complete training is complete.

Above all, it represents a marvelous instrument for becoming One with the Whole and expressing in this way in its existence, the highest potentialities made possible by human experience.

Orwin Avalon is a psychotherapist, morphopsychologist, author and trainer in communication, morphopsychology and psychogenealogy.

He followed, for many years, the teaching in psychology of Professor Corman and Colette Abouker-Muscat. He is the current president of the Italian Society of Morphopsychology. He is fluent in French, Italian, Spanish and English.

He also teaches meditation for which his first precious teacher was Omraam Mickaël Aivanhov. Life then brought him to meet during his many travels, guardians custodians of the wisdom of planetary traditions on different continents.

Poé Lumia

"Since I discovered MMM, I have another approach to everything that happens in my life, like everyone else's hard knocks, but staying connected and working every day Meditation Merkabah Matrimandir , everything around me is being put in place so that the difficult experiences pass with a little more softness, and it is obvious that the forces of the LIFE help me enormously, and that everybody can accede, conditions of to put all his person and all his heart in. But I will also say that one must be ready and well aware that this personal work requires a lot of rigor and work, if one really wants to touch something beautiful. read one day that matter is as holy and sacred as the spirit because it is his daughter, so let's spiritualize it. "

Nicolas Tharrault

"The Merkaba Medimandir Meditation is a fabulous tool to expand and develop one's consciousness, it facilitates the resolution of fast descents or clashes against the rocks of the rushing river of life on which we all navigate, stimulating synchronicity and taking of conscience To understand, to know, to wake up by the deprogramming of the memories which encumber us and the activation of the human potentials, are the benefits of the MMM Thank you Orwin to transmit us keys or rather oars for our boat, this vehicle in which we exist. "

Annette Battaillard

"Thanks to the Merkhaba Meditation Course, I had very strong experiences, very strong vibrations, which went through my body, first and foremost a great heat and then a fresh wind of ionized air, and visions, as well on the future. only on experiences already seen ... "When I arrived, my hands because of atopic dermatitis related to the intestines were quite cut and red, but after two days of training, everything had returned to normal! I thank Orwin for his great Spirituality. "

The practice of enlightenment

The Schools of Mysteries of Shiva in India and those of ancient Egypt taught to become Suns of God, that is, Christs or Immortals. In ancient Egypt, Merkaba meditations are the techniques intended to communicate to all those who have the pure and loving Heart, the highest level of knowledge accessible to a human being. He becomes a Sun of God, which means that his conscience is united to that of the Great Solar Logos called Vishnu by the Hindus and Christ by the Christians …

Better in his skin

This book is a question about the merits and consequences of cosmetic surgery. It is all the more important that cosmetic surgery has become a social phenomenon that is not about to fade away. In this book, answers to essentially aesthetic questions and more psychological questions …